Happy New Year everyone!

Inspired by #museum30 created by Gracie Price (@magnifyzoology) that runs in November, I decided to create an #archaeology31 photo challenge on Twitter to brighten up everyone’s January.

The idea is for archaeologists to post one photo a day in January, with a specific theme each day (see list below). I kept some of the same themes as #museum30 but changed others. These are very broad so they can be interpreted however you like. Any feedback on them would be welcome.

You don’t have to do every day.  You can catch up or just start on the day you hear about it. The photos should be yours for the most part. You don’t have to be a digging archaeologist. It’ll be fun to show tweeps what archaeologists really do!

The last day coincides with the Public Archaeology Twitter Conference (#PATC3) on 31st Jan, which is about archaeological storytelling so our theme for that day is #agoodstory.


  • Day 1: What am I working on?
  • Day 2: The nitty-gritty
  • Day 3: Who am I?
  • Day 4: Communication
  • Day 5: People
  • Day 6 In theory
  • Day 7: Animal
  • Day 8: Vegetable
  • Day 9: Mineral
  • Day 10: First Aid
  • Day 11: Notebook
  • Day 12: Reconstruction
  • Day 13: Broken
  • Day 14: What am I reading?
  • Day 15: Tools of the trade
  • Day 16: Controversy
  • Day 17: Layers
  • Day 18: Something big
  • Day 19 Something small
  • Day 20: Art
  • Day 21: Travel
  • Day 22: Food
  • Day 23: Water
  • Day 24: Throwback Thursday
  • Day 25: Inspiration
  • Day 26: What a view
  • Day 27: Colour
  • Day 28: Shape
  • Day 29: Texture
  • Day 30: Working together
  • Day 31: A good story (to coincide with #PATC3)