downloadThanks to Tristan Boyle and Chris Webster of the Archaeology Podcast Network, I have a podcast about stories set in prehistory. The prehistory of humans, that is, no dinosaurs allowed!

Here’s the episode guide. Click the links to go to the Archaeology Podcast Network and listen!

Episode 1: Introduction to the podcast with Tristan Boyle

Episode 2: Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver with Matt Ritchie, Donald Henson and James Dilley

Episode 3: Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M Auel with Becky Wragg Sykes and Matt Pope

Episode 4: The Gathering Night by Margaret Elphinstone with Caroline Wickham-Jones and Spencer Carter

Episode 5: The Ravens by James Dyer with Francis Pryor

Episode 6: Stonehenge by Bernard Cornwell with Susan Greaney

Episode 7: Valley of the Horses by Jean M Auel with Rena Maguire, Ross Barnett and Jan Freedman of Twilight Beasts

Episode 8: Stig of the Dump with Beccy Scott

Episode 9: Asterix and the Britons with Edward Biddulph

Episode 10: Poetry special with Erin Kavanagh and Gavin MacGregor

Episode 11: Whitestone Stories with John Barrett and Brian Wilkinson

Episode 12: Game of Thrones with Lucy Hooton and Brett Thorn

Episode 13: Undreamed Shores with the author, Mark Patton

Episode 14: The People of the River with Thomas Emerson

Episode 15: The Inheritors with Matt Pope, Beccy Scott and Cory Stade